Not Just Another Margarita!

September 21, 2011

Who doesn’t love a good pizza? With pizza being one of the worlds most loved foods it’s quite puzzling to think that there are not many pizza parlor designs out there than stand out as being unique or a step away from the norm.

When we think of pizzeria designs its hard not to automatically draw our minds to the clichéd image of red and white checkered table cloths with artificial garlic bulbs streaming around the walls and a large white jacketed caricature of a statue with the name Luigi or Papa Pizza in the corner holding a pizza tray, either this is the cliché or I certainly need to get out more.

As designers we are always on the look out for a project that does it a bit, in fact a lot differently and today we have come across a project that does do it a lot differently, we were attracted to the Pitfire Pizza project in California as it is another fine example of industrial restaurant design that we are beginning to really admire.

Bestor Architecture designed the Pitfire Pizza project and they have a created a space void of any Italian mock décor or clichéd design features, a space that in no way reflects any of the tacky nuances that we have come to expect. What we applaud the most is that they have retained the integrity of the hosting building by creating a design to compliment it rather than designed a space that fights against its host.

The simple furniture and woods used with the exposed red cooker hood that hangs over the burning oven and the sophisticated yet glaringly plain lighting used to compliment the natural light of the building all mesh together beautifully to create a space that has an earthy bare bones charm.

This is a design that stands out by being so simple. That is not a disservice to the design; in fact it is a huge compliment as the designers have created something that we find very hard to fault. It gives the impression that these designers have thought more about creating a space that works and is attractive rather than a copy and paste design limited in functionality that has elements of creativity that you will see in 90% of the pizzerias you normally visit.

Although this project looks very simple the reality is far from that, the designers skill is the main reason behind this, it takes a very clever, talented and brave design team to create a space like this, a space that to the average Joe looks so simple and plain but to designers like us, a space that is teaming with subtle creativity, a design that makes us stand up, take notice and applaud.

A superb job, have a look at the photos below and let us know what you think, all Images are credited to Ray Katchatorian

You can also follow Pitfire Pizza on Twitter @pitfirepizza

We first came across this project on the ArchDaily Site