Not Your Typical Hostel!

October 14, 2012

One of the major reasons I love interior design and being an interior designer so much is that inspiration is all around us in every aspect of our lives, be it when we are at a friend’s house, out for a meal, watching a movie in the theatre or staying in a hotel on a business trip. We can pluck, pull and siphon off inspiration from every angle in our daily lives. What I also love about being a designer is that design is for everyone and not just reserved for those in the know or those with the astronomical budgets it can be for any type of project or location and today’s feature project is a prime example of this.

When we think of Hostels, it’s hard not to think of either a naff B-list movie franchise or dark, gaudy and dingy digs that students stay in out of necessity and financial prudence during their backpacking trips around Europe or further afield.  I know I might be coming across a bit stereotypical but the point I am making is that City Circus in Athens, Greece is an awesome example of a project that breaks the mould and goes against convention when it comes to the design of hostels. Designed by Nevertheless Design Studio this project is a stunning mix of artistic charm and bohemian furniture throughout all of the 25 rooms, the design is wicked, let’s not confuse this project with hotels or B&Bs and judge it for what it is, a hostel, when you do that and look at the design elements you start to see how City Circus really is part of the crème de la crème of hostels in Europe. Check out the stunning images below from Olga Tzimou which really capture the simple yet stunning interior of this hostel perfectly.