Office Design That Creates A Storm!

August 12, 2012

It’s that time of the week again, when we wake up bleary eyed, relaxed from the weekend and feeling motivated for the awesome week of design ahead, yup that’s right, it is the start of the working week. I may be a tad more cheery than most folk and some of you may think I am out of my mind slightly but when you love what you do as I do then Sundays (or Mondays in the rest of the world) hold no fears of dread. This is doubly so when you have an awesome work environment to go to and to work from. With that in mind I reckon the employees who work in today’s feature project are as perky as I am when it comes to the start of the working week (either that or I am just a bit strange)

Media Storm’s office in the US is all about creativity and awesomeness. The media agencies offices were designed by DHD Architecture And Design and boy have they done a wicked job with this project. As explained below from the DHD Architecture And Design site:

DHD created an open, “studio-like” work space with no visible hierarchy.  The bright, airy studio space is designed with a single, continuous folding work surface running east to west, which anchors the studio, and contributes a human scale to the space.  There are a variety of casual meeting spaces, each with a unique character, like a collection of stage or TV sets.  Only one formal conference room exists and in it is an artist- installed rope ceiling. “Green” principles were employed throughout, and include vintage theatre seats, a feature wall of salvaged TV sets, reclaimed barn wood siding, the retention of various MEP systems, and the use of recycled or environmentally friendly finishes, furniture, and lighting

Favorite elements for me in this cool office space include the insanely clever and funky TV installation in the reception area, I would probably come early to meetings at Media Storm just to sit there and stare. I adore the juxtaposition of the soft warm woods that are used in the communal spaces against the backdrop of the industrial and paired back working spaces with the exposed columns and polished concrete floor. From the description above what stands out most for me is the fact that this space has “no visible hierarchy”  this is something we practice at Studio EM and allows for a much fresher and relaxed working atmosphere. I also like how each section of the project has its own design footprint, almost like designs within a design giving each area its own identity, from the teal café area to the stripped back meeting room with the cool rope ceiling feature to the reception area, meaning that everywhere you turn there is something new to excite you.