Office Design That Gives Us Wings!

November 2, 2011

Office design can be possibly the most boring and monotonous aspect of commercial interior design at times, we have all been there when someone just asks for “a few chairs here, a meeting room, a glass office for myself and an open planned work station for 10 to 15 employees, just do the layout and to keep the costs down we will just put in a neutral hardwearing carpet and a dollop of beige or cream paint”. Perhaps there is an element of hyperbole in the description of the above scenario but you catch my drift.

Then there are times when you get that client who understands the value of great office design and its impact on the employees who work there and the clients who visit, they allow more imaginative briefs that do not suppress the designer’s natural need or want, to be creative. These are the best type of clients and ultimately these are the CEO’s or project managers who are sitting in the best design offices around the world.

Once such office that slots nicely into the latter category is the new Red Bull Headquarters in London, designed by creative design house Jump Studios this is an office that is all about stimulating your senses.

Jump Studios have created an office environment that immediately inspires a sense of creative freedom and appeasement to anyone who steps through the front doors of the building, whilst also capturing the brand identity of Red Bull subtly through their creation. Red Bull is more than just a drink, it is a brand that exudes energy, stimulation and that all too catchy notion of giving us wings. The design pictured below encapsulates these elements beautifully whilst applying chicness to the overall design straying away from gimmicky or tacky design elements that other modern pop office designs have been accused of.

Favourite elements for us in this 3 floored office development are of course the playful slide feature, we have seen this before with AOL and Google offices but this slide feature bizarrely has a more adult feel to it (I never thought I would write those words) perhaps down to its finishes or down to the chameleon nature of it as it sits subtly out of full view. Stunning curves and form throughout the office break up the monotony of this corporate shell, the chic finishes of the chrome, steel and the industrial look broken up with the odd spattering of colour along with the mixture of rigid meeting rooms for those all-important mega pitches teamed with the more casual meeting rooms that still exude a sense of corporate professionalism, albeit a tad more playful, are all elements that make this wonderfully fun and creative space a little more professional, functional and dare I say it “mature” than ones we have previously featured.

Have a look and let us know in the comments section below.