Office Design The eBay Way!

September 16, 2012

Since I began writing this blog I have nearly covered every cool office design from all of the major top Silicon Valley industrial giants from Google to Skype to Facebook and Microsoft. I thought I had covered all the major players, I thought wrong, I forgot about that rather well known online retail giant known as eBay. Today is the day I fix my oversight as eBay are now throwing their hat into the ring as a contender of having the most awesome office design with their latest venture in Istanbul, Turkey. Designed by OSO Architects this 2,000 square meter space is all about maximizing the open office space, cool ceiling features and intricate detailing.

Check out the images below and see if this offering from eBay competes with some of our other awesome office features, I like a lot of elements about this office, the only downside for me…. I really don’t like cubicles, especially in an open plan office, however many of the other elements go a long way to helping me get over this slight in the project.

Images Credited to Gürkan Akay