Oh To Be A Kid Again!

October 23, 2013

This week is a super exciting week for us at EMquarters as our latest kids project; Dune Kids is getting ready to open in Toronto, Canada. With that in mind we thought today we should celebrate by featuring an awesome project for the kiddiewinkles and that’s exactly what the Sjötorget Kindergarten is.

Based in Sweden and designed by Rotstein Arkitekter, Sjötorget Kindergarten is not only an inspiring piece of interior design but it’s complimented beautifully by the striking exterior architecture. The project is quite a complex and detailed design, which is why no description can do the project full justice quite like a description from the architects themselves:

Rotstein Arkitekter has designed a kindergarten on the ground level of a new residential block in Stockholm. We envisioned a playful environment designed to encourage and inspire the creativity of the children. The entrance is situated at the centre of the kindergarten, with an abundance of natural light and sight lines through the building.

The entrance space flows into the two studios, each with two connecting group rooms. All group rooms have three windows facing the lane outside: one placed low, one high and one bigger than the others. These scattered windows offer the passerby views of the activities from the outside, thus revitalising the street. Windows between group rooms open up sight lines within the kindergarten itself.

The kindergarten is also a play with colours; yellow elements in the common areas and one specific colour for each department.Many of the units were designed to serve multiple purposes. For example, the storage units are built into the walls as coloured niches, serving also as caves and huts for the children.

A sculptural staircase leads down to the workshop. The stairway becomes a place for parallel activities. It also functions as cabin, lookout tower, forest, cave and platform. When descending the stairs it widens, turning into an amphitheater like area. This is the perfect place for play during the day. A quieter and darker room has been created underneath the stairs: a secret hideout.

Some of the interior design budget was earmarked for solutions with architectural qualities, specific for this space. Using built-in storage units and niches is space saving. Maximising the room height makes a huge difference, especially when it comes to the acoustic environment.

Although the above description is incredibly comprehensive this is a project that really can only be truly appreciated through imagery and the fantastic photos from Åke E:son Lindman capture the essence of the above description beautifully. Oh to be a kid again, Enjoy 🙂

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