On Campus With The AEC Graduate Map!

We previously interviewed the creators and inspiration behind the brilliant “Architect Map” in our article “Mapping The World of Architecture and Interior Design”, in that article we talked to Mark Schumann and Su Butcher about the future development of the Architect Map. Part of that future and the evolution was the creation of the AEC Graduate Map.

The AEC Graduate map has a similar concept to the Architect Map whereby users connect with their peers on a global scale by plotting their bio on an interactive Google Map. The purpose of the AEC Graduate Map is that it is a starting point where students who are about to graduate can connect with potential future employers or with companies looking for interns or simply as a platform to connect online with likeminded individuals.

The purpose of the Map is much better explained by Mark in his own blog article here, (it is definitely worth a read)

We caught up this week with Kirsty Cassels who along with Fern Lewis is absolutely one of our favourite student tweeters to follow and interact with. These guys are two brilliant examples of students who have a great deal to offer companies like us in the future when we need inspiration or “fresh eyes” on a project or to simply bounce some ideas around with on current projects we are working on.

We contacted Kirsty as she has been somewhat instrumental in driving the AEC Graduate Map forward both online and on campus with her own form of social marketing, student style. Like us, she is a firm believer in what Mark and Su are doing with the Architect Map and in its long term potential in connecting us all. We pitched a few questions about the AEC Graduate Map and the use of Twitter to Kirsty, and this is what she had to say:

How did you get involved in driving the AEC Graduate Map and where did it all start?

Mark Schumann initially contacted me conducting research on whether or not a separate Architect Map for students would be a good idea. As a part-time student, I have found using twitter an ingenious way of making new contacts and keeping up-to-date with the industry.

How do you see the AEC Graduate Map as being of use?

I hope this map will act as an initiative for students to sign up to twitter and see what’s going on. They can connect with each other, make new contacts and share their ideas and knowledge. There are so many stories, blogs, interesting people to follow and industry related discussions taking place on Twitter that students can learn a lot and keep up-to-date easily. It really is an effective tool that no student should be without.

I personally like both the Architect Map and the AEC Graduate Map because it maps out where everyone is in the world. I’d be surprised if the idea isn’t adopted by Twitter in future. I hadn’t realised that both Studio EM and Mark Schumann were working from Dubai, when I started following them until I spotted it on the Architect Map. As an enthusiastic traveller, I love to meet people in different countries and learn about different cultures. Architecture is no different! It’s great to connect with people around the world who have different ideas and creative inspiration to bring to the table.

How have you drove interest in the AEC Graduate Map at your school?

I created a poster to put up on my university’s notice board (The Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow) I really want to encourage students, both in education and those on their year out to get involved with twitter and I see #ArchitectMap and #AECGraduateMap as a platform to kick-start their careers and provide a network of contacts.

How did you get started off in the world of Twitter?

I was introduced to Twitter by Steve McGhee, Partner of @lma_architects, the Practice that I work for. Steve had been using Twitter successfully for the last 18 months and made 12th place in the Architect’s Journal ‘Top 100 Architects using Twitter‘. He has been a good initial contact to have in the world of Twitter.

Below is a picture of Kirsty’s AEC Graduate Map poster for her campaign.

Below is an image of Kirsty and her Bio on the AEC Graduate Map for the UK.

Studio EM on the Architect Map in the UAE

 Image of the AEC Graduate Map:

Image Below of the Architect Map

When not studying or tweeting Kirsty is usually found working for Lawrence McPherson Associates, a proactive architectural and town planning practice based in Scotland who specialise in the Hotel and Restaurant projects, Healthcare, Local Authority, Industrial and  Commercial projects as well as Residential and Social housing initiates.

You never know, one day through the power of twitter and the Architect Map we at Studio EM may indeed work with Lawrence McPherson Associates professionally and Kirsty could be tweeting from a coffee shop a little closer to EMquarters.