Once Upon A Time In New Mexico Way!

August 3, 2011

Recently we took a tour of Mirdiff City Centre and one of the constant elements that cropped up in conversation was the store fronts. When I was designing the Bin Sina Pharmacy store there for my previous employers I remember how adamant the tenant coordinators where about how the store fronts should appear. It is fair to say at the time I was less than impressed as I felt that my creativity and leverage to portray my creativity as a designer was being stunted and dictated to by those that have not studied Interior Architecture.

When discussing this I began to think of great projects the world over that used the storefront as a focal point or a design feature in itself. I began to research storefronts more and more until I came across this fantastic project by Elmslie Osler Architects.

The Antropologie Store in Albuquerque, New Mexico is an apparel store that not only satisfies our love for great design it also satisfies our other loves, Green and Sustainable design. We say green and sustainable as the projects largely uses reclaimed and recycled wood from the region.

Here is a snippet taken from designers that describes the beauty of this project better than we ever could:

“The architectural focal point for this store is the entry portal. Finished in reclaimed vertical wood planks, blackened steel, and concrete, the volume of the portal stands as an isolated box framed by glazing. As one moves through this box, the interior planes of the portal slope inward towards a single point, creating an experience of a forced perspective. Upon entering the interior, these planes pivot outward opening wide to a framed view of the store’s internal world. At select moments the thickened walls of the entry portal are carved out both within the exterior and interior space of the volume. These carved apertures are small moments where merchandise is featured and views of the interior are captured. In the evening hours, a glow of light surrounding the perimeter of the entry portal exaggerates its quality of floating isolation.”¬†

The Albuquerque Anthropologie received a Merit Award in the fashion retail category from¬†Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Awards. It also received a 4 out of 4 Butterfly rating from us at Studio EM as we love this design!