Once You Pop You Can’t Stop!!

In this blog post we are covering 10 of our favourite pop ups! A varied mix from across the globe from retail outlets to restaurants and hotels, each of these pop ups showcase fantastic elements of design from their creators.


Love it or Hate it, that is the general theme for our first pop up. Marmite’s pop up store in Selfridges, London designed by Design 4 Retail. Marmite opened up a series of pop stores across the UK with the slogan “Spread the love, or hate”. As for Marmite itself we are not the biggest lovers but this design by Design 4 Retail is really cool.


DM’s are a firm favourite in our office and like the classic boots this pop up store in Spitalfield Market, London designed by Campaign Design is another one of our favourites.


Hotel Everland is a fantastic one room pop up hotel concept created by Sabina Lang und Daniel Baumann. The hotel premiered in Leipzig in 2006 and then Paris in 2007.


This rather artistic pop up comes courtesy of Arnsdorf of Australia. This store was designed by Edwards Moore and was based in downtown Melbourne. The beauty of this store was the simplicity. Look carefully at how hosiery (tights) was used as the design feature as well as the VM. Hey it definitely gives us an idea of something to do with all of Granny’s old tights.


Another superb design by the guys at Campaign Design in London. They designed this superb pop up concept for Dunhill in the meatpacking district of New York


To celebrate the launch of their new logo Pepsi commissioned John Heida to create this wonderful quirky pop up drinks stand in New York. The night-time image really showcases this project as a piece of art. The unit is easily portable and we in the office believe that seeing a few of these in the next big Dubai event would be really cool.


To celebrate their 40th Year anniversary in 2009 GAP launched a series of pop up stores throughout the world. This is the London store which stayed open for 19 days and 69 hours to commemorate the opening of their first store in 1969.

NIKE 1948!

This Nike Pop up store was situated in the London Underground. The store was underneath a railway arch and was designed by the Wilson brothers. The store is no longer a pop up, due to its popularity and unique design it is now a permanent store.


Look familiar? It should do, the Module Electrolux Pop Up Restaurant was based on the exact same site as the aforementioned Hotel Everland in Paris, at the top of Le Palais de Tokyo. The Restaurant was designed by French Designer Pascal Grasso. Perhaps not the best place to eat for those who suffer vertigo.


Dest10ation is the concept behind this pop up store for Vitaminwater 10 from design agency MKG.  The store was open in April 2009 for, you guessed it, 10 days only.


Last but not least we decided to keep our personal office favourite until the end. This quirky, innovative pop up by H&M on the beach in Holland was only open for 2 days. The concept was that the store simply washed up on shore and sold H&M’s WaterAid apparel. The collection was a mixture of hats, shorts, bikinis, t-shirts and flip flops. H&M donated 25% of their profits to WaterAid. Philanthropic and Genius!

We considered adding a number of the Louis Vuitton stores but we decided that if you want to see them simply check out our blog post “Top of the Pops” as well as the Greenhouse Restaurant by Joost on our “Waste Not Want Not” post.

Design= Create = Play