Open All Hours!

May 12, 2013

Over the past few weeks we have been drooling over today’s feature project on twitter and as we have just signed a new retail client that specializes in handbags we thought that today was the best time to share it. The project is the wonderful new Coach store in Tokyo, Japan and was designed by renowned international design agency OMA.

The project is describe in all its glorious awesomeness below by OMA:

Coach’s ninth Japan flagship is a two-story, corner site on Omotesando, a prominent retail corridor in Tokyo. In comparison to the increasingly decorative elevations that characterize Omotesando, OMA’s design integrates display into the façade, seamlessly extending the brand’s presence from the inside out.

Dimensioned to accommodate Coach’s standard merchandising elements (ex. mannequins, busts, bags), the flagship’s basic display unit measures1800 mm x 520 mm. Frosted glass that provides interior shelving is further articulated to the exterior as louvers. The display units are configured in a herringbone pattern, assembled in vertical and horizontal orientation to facilitate a range of curation scenarios.

Viewed from the exterior, the double-height storefront presents an uninterrupted survey of Coach’s full collection in a single view, with a dedicated frame for each product. Viewed from the interior, the display unit’s translucency creates an active backdrop for merchandise, filtering Omotesando’s streetscape into the shopping experience.

In addition to the façade, OMA designed a central core of acrylic blocks that provides second layer of fixed display. The floating tower of illuminated units encases the store’s circulation, drawing circulation up to the second level of the store, while maintaining urban views. Beyond increasing display density, the tower creates a spatial condition in which the shopper is continuously surrounded by product. In the evenings, the circulation tower acts as a lantern, illuminating the façade as a dynamic, 24-hour window display from within.

Not only is this store super cool and wickedly creative from and interior architecture and design point of view it is a visual merchandisers dream especially with the captivating interior /exterior flip design feature, the description above and the images below do this project far more justice than my words ever could and I hope you all enjoy the creativity and genius behind this store as much as I did.

Coach, Omotesando Interior Design by OMA

Coach, Omotesando Interior Design by OMA8

Coach, Omotesando Interior Design by OMA6

Coach, Omotesando Interior Design by OMA2

Coach, Omotesando Interior Design by OMA3

Coach, Omotesando Interior Design by OMA4

Coach, Omotesando Interior Design by OMA7