Out With The New In With The Old?

July 17, 2011

Clients often ask for the newest, most modern or innovative design for their store or restaurant. After a lovely meeting today with some of the old guard of Dubai’s retail world we got into a discussion about how design almost needs to go full circle back to the olden days to be classed as being innovative in todays market.

As we drove back to the office we passed Jones the Grocer, the passing stirred the conversation within us once more, although we really liked the design of Jones the Grocer and the concept, we still think that they had a big opportunity to do something innovative and they may have missed the mark, as we said it reminded us very much of Dean & Deluca rather than wowed us with originality. When suggesting alternatives we came up with the concept of creating the old 1900’s stores you would see at Spitalfields Market in London or in the wild west of America. We have shown some examples below, although these stores are very old we now look upon them with a renewed freshness that almost makes them modern, irony at its best.

Perhaps this is why we love design so much, design has the ability to come full circle and like art, it evokes so many differing opinions as to what is good and innovative and what is not.

Here are a collection of some of the storefronts that we favored in the office that showcased how vintage old fashioned stores from another time can indeed be trendy in this modern era.