Painting The Concrete Jungle Green!

August 8, 2011

Do you know what we applaud the most at Studio EM? It is innovation, companies doing it differently, companies separating themselves from the pack and making a statement with design. When you add the ingredients of green and sustainable into the mixing pot you get what we applaud the most. A sustainable, green and innovative project that makes you stand up and take notice and that is exactly the type of project we are featuring today.

The Ann Demeulemeester store in Seoul, South Korea is an oddity of sorts as it is somewhat out of place as it lies against the back drop of the grey, gloomy concrete jungle of Seoul. Designed by Mass Studies in 2007 amazingly this project is 4 years old, yet in modern architecture it would still feature brightly as a modern contemporary design amongst our peers.

The concept behind the store was to design it in such a way that the low elevation and high density environment that surrounds the project would not be a factor that would dictate the design but act as a placebo of sorts to the ideas that Mass Studies had. With that in mind Mass Studies have incorporated a great amount of nature into the project with the outer green wall that can be seen in the images below, cleverly the green wall is contained to the exterior but can be felt and viewed from every are within the interior due to the clever design and layout of the structure.

The only area that disappoints us about this project is that we feel that a trick has been mixed on replicating the exterior feel on the interior with a greater amount of green or vegetation being present a la the green Replay Store we featured previously. Nevertheless if you take the exterior out of the equation, the interior as a standalone retail environment is an elegant, minimalist and chic space that boasts clean cut lines and a crisp finish worthy of any high end fashion retailer.

Photos courtesy of Yong-Kwan Kim