Perfect For A Small Staff Breakout Party!

December 10, 2013

It has been a while since we did an awesome product feature on this blog but today’s product feature post is well worth waiting for.  As office interior designers we love creating spaces that work for both the productivity and the wellbeing of the staff and one of the areas that we identify as being super important in office interior design is breakout areas.

Breakout areas are great for staff productivity, moral and from an aesthetic point of view, they can look great. One of the main issues we face when designing staff breakout areas is space and the allotment of the space. A lot of offices, especially in the UAE don’t have a lot of spare space going especially for breakout areas, which is why they are often over looked in favor of squeezing a few more desks in, well, that was until we say these awesome tree house inspired modular breakout spaces created by Malcrew. They are absolutely wicked and can go a long way in creating staff harmony in an office and as a bonus they are mega awesome to look at, enjoy 🙂

Breakout furniture design

breakout furniture design2

breakout furniture interior design