Pharmacy Design That Says No To The White Box!

This week’s blog posts have had a heavy art and design theme running through them as we have covered two unique but different galleries. Today though we are looking at a project as far removed as the art world as one could possibly get, but a project that is as equally creative and as artistic as the features from yesterday and Sunday, which is a feat in itself given that today’s feature project is a pharmacy.

As an interior designer I always hold a place close to my heart for pharmacy design, having designed 22 pharmacies throughout the UAE. Because of this I am always on the lookout for new and innovative pharmacy designs as well as a few more of the crazier ones out there. That is what I have found today, a project that pushes the boundaries and is certainly a breakaway from the norm.  The Casanueva Pharmacy in Murcia, Spain was designed by Clavel Arquitectos and it definitely is a bit special.

As you can see from the images below this pharmacy is positioned as far away from the white box pharmacies as possible, the white box pharmacy is a concept that we are never going to be huge advocates for because most of the time they are just too boring, too medicinal and altogether too bland. Whereas this project with the futuristic and curved shelving units, the paneled ceiling effect and the overindulgence of medicinal green color pallets alongside the intriguing and artistic façade and the awesome architectural form is just a whole lot cooler and more wicked than any white box pharmacy I have ever seen, but importantly this space is still functional and it serves that function well. Check out the images below and see why pharmacy design doesn’t necessarily need to be so bland and boring.

Images Credited to David Frutos Ruiz