Pixelation At The Movies!

March 13, 2012

This seems to be the week of cinemas for us at EMquarters, with one of our 6 Screen cinema projects going on site very soon in Abu Dhabi and another cinema inquiry coming into the office we are all about cinemas, cinemas and more cinemas. This is great news as I just love doing cinema design, I love all areas of interior design but cinema design is always close to my heart as a cinema was my first ever solo project when I opened the doors of Studio EM and the first project I really got to let loose on.

As we have been focusing heavily on cinemas over the past two days we thought isn’t it about time we featured another cinema project on our blog? The Wuhan Pixel Box Cinema based in China is one of the latest cinema designs in the world that has drawn our attention, most notably for the sheer size of the project. One Plus Partnership Limited designed all 8835 square meters of the space and as the name of the project would suggest, the major design feature and focal point of the cinema is the use of Pixels.

Pixels or pixilation has been captured with both the wall and ceiling features, the pixel theme carries on into the furniture design with a clever interpretation of pixels captured by the furniture form. Inside the cinema theatres, an area we always associate with being the most important part of any cinema design the theme has been captured in a much more subtle way. The pixels are represented by the different colored seats and by the clever carpet pattern and of course by the walls. The best thing about the pixel wall feature is that this also enhances the acoustics of the theatre.

I have saved the most defining design feature for the last; you will see it in the images below, but the box office’s grand hall which is made up of 6,000 stainless steel panels is bit of a masterpiece and the curved roof effect is one element that really makes you stand up and say wow!

Images Credited to Ajax Law Ling Kit