Pizza On The Move…. Literally!

July 12, 2012

Whoop Whoop it is Thursday again and that means the weekend is nearly upon us, I don’t know about you but as Thursday is the start of the weekend (in the UAE, think of Thursday as a European Friday) I just can’t be bothered cooking. After a long week of awesome work and designing I get in, kick of my shoes and think about what part of the world dinner will be coming from, it could be Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese or Fish and Chips, it is sort of a Thursday tradition. Today our super Thursday funky fresh fun project combines both of these things, awesome design and food on wheels.

Today’s project really is just awesome, the Del Popolo Mobile Pizzeria is exactly what it sounds like, a pizzeria on wheels but not just any pizzeria it has a fully fitted wood fire oven that cooks pizza in literally a minute and from the images below  it looks like yummy pizza. Based in San Francisco the mobile pizzeria travels around the City stopping in different locations to sell their sumptuous delights they keep customers up to date via twitter. The pizzeria is a simple container that is placed on the back of a truck, but the design is very stylish, I am completely bowled over by this concept, it is a seriously cool idea and a wicked design, check out the stunning images below and see why the Del Popolo Mobile Pizzeria is this week’s Thursday funky fresh fun feature project.