Pizzeria Design With All The Right Toppings!

April 30, 2014

Earlier in the week we covered a wicked new project from Norway and as we delved into the world of Nordic design we came across this funky Pizza restaurant based in Oslo. Designed by Riss, Peppes Pizza restaurant is a deliciously eclectic and colorful pizza joint with a real touch of Nordic rusticity that really appeals to our design loving senses.

I especially love many of the lighting features in the project and the gorgeous use of chop house tiles and the warm blend of furniture. There is a lot going on within this project but the whole lot works perfectly together. Check out the images below to see what elements tickle your design senses 🙂

Pizza Restaurant interior design

Pizza Restaurant interior design2

Pizza Restaurant interior design3

Restaurant Interior Designers Dubai

Restaurant Interior Designers Dubai4

Restaurant Interior Designers Dubai5