Pop Out Of The Box!

April 29, 2013

Over the past few months we have seen a huge surge in requests from clients asking us to design kiosks for them within the malls of the UAE. I don’t really know where this surge has come from, perhaps it is the rising rents or perhaps it is because new entrepreneurs who are looking to break into the market are looking to test drive their concepts in a kiosk format before committing to a store concept and a long lease agreement, or a mixture of both.

If it is the latter then I for one would love to see the UAE take a more European style approach at this conundrum and look at encouraging pop up stores. I know there is a hundred and one reasons why this can’t happen but a pop up store is a wicked example of how a new retailer or entrepreneur can test their market without investing huge sums into a store design and build or into long lease agreements.

If this concept took off in the UAE we would have plenty of wicked projects such as the COS pop up store that we came across in Milan. COS is an apparel retailer that decide to promote their brand and arrival into the Milan market by creating this funky pop up store which was designed by Gary Card.  I love how this “box” opens up and transforms into a super cool retail space, the flexibility and variety that this can add to the visual merchandising is stunning and a sure attention grabber.

What I also enjoy is how this box has so many intricate details that all add to the theatre and really showcase the product in such a fine way. Although on the outside the box may look quite small I fee l the real winner about this project is how the store, once opened up, is actually pretty huge and there is plenty of room for visual merchandising and display space. This really is a super cool concept and I’d love to see projects like this rival the typical kiosks that are popping up all over the place currently. Check out the images below and see how this box really does pop and take on its own unique identity.

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan2

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan3

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan4

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan5

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan6

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan7

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan12

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan13

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan8

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan9

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan10

COS Pop Up Store Design, Milan11