Pop Up And Peep Through Retail Design!

November 16, 2011

Pop Up retail is vastly becoming our favourite form of retail; we have continuously blogged about it in the past in these entries. The pop up concept allows for just about any concept to be created featuring a store so as to cause a raucous or buzz before it moves on to the next location or worse before it is broken down never to be seen again. The main plus point of this we feel is that designers like us can go all out and get really creative and sometimes crazy with a design with the aim of creating nostalgic and excitable tremors in and around the area where it will pop up, we create the buzz by designing spaces that you may not be used to be seeing in your local malls or high streets, this is the point though as it is a pop up and we want it to be talked about as much as possible. Another thing we love about the pop up concept or movement is that the designs are not governed by strict building or design codes that exist in many of the malls out there today, thus giving designers such as us much more leeway.

Pushing creative boundaries is what today’s feature project is all about, the rather risqué project is The Lake and Stars pop up shop by SOFTlab and Focus Lighting in New York. The concept for this store is based around innovative lighting and distorted visions, mannequins are strategically placed along a “runway” each showcasing a different lingerie or swimwear set, customers then peer through one of the 29 irregular shaped viewing points that are cleverly designed in odd shapes and forms along a wonder wall, the wonder being what is lurking behind the looking glass. Through the looking glass lies the mannequins and the apparel being showcased in an almost burlesque kind of way, but they do not appear as you would expect, no, they appear in array of different colours and forms thanks to the dichroic plexigas, the optical illusion or the distorted images are created by the kaleidoscope effect of the lighting and the looking glass.

This really is a bizarre project, we love the innovation and concept behind it, even if the risqué and slightly voyeuristic nature of the store makes us blush we do have to applaud it as being an exceptional pop up store design as it does everything one would expect of a pop up store, it creates a mix of shock, awe and intrigue and gets everyone including us thousands and thousands of miles away talking about it, a terrific project.

The store is part of the BOFFO Building Fashion series and Photography is credited to Evan Joseph