Popping Up All Over Paris!

With retail and commercial space at a premium in Dubai we are seeing a huge rise in customer enquiries with regards to mobile concepts, which for us is freaking awesome, as we love mobile / pop up concepts. The trick with mobile concepts and the challenge as a designer is how to make something both function and practical whilst also looking super trendy and cool?

At the moment we are working on a mobile sandwich bar concept in DIFC and another similar concept in JBR, so far we have learnt that getting that balance of function and creativity is a difficult tight rope to walk. However a wicked project that encourages and inspires us are the new Alto Café Mobile pop-ups in Paris.  This collection of quirky little vehicles and units are littered all around Paris and not only do they look really compact and easy to use they are also damn attractive, I would even venture far enough to use the word cute.

Check out the images below to see what I mean and see how these little red trucks have been so cleverly conceptualized, another point to note is how all of these images below show different size types of units and different unit modes, from trucks to bikes to stationary kiosks yet each of them are now clearly identifiable as Alto Café stops, very clever branding and design. Enjoy 🙂

Alto Cafe Mobile Pop Up Design

Alto Cafe Mobile Pop Up Design2

Alto Cafe Mobile Pop Up Design3

Alto Cafe Mobile Pop Up Design4

Alto Cafe Mobile Pop Up Design5

Pop Up Cafe Interior Design

Pop Up Cafe Interior Design2

Pop Up Cafe Interior Design3

Pop Up Cafe Interior Design4

Pop Up Cafe Interior Design5

Pop Up Cafe Interior Design6