Proving That It Can Be Better To Think Inside The Box?

August 24, 2011

When you strip a store design down to its bare bones and take away all the jazzy and fandangled components the store still has to be able to do its primary job, promote the product and encourage sales. We are big advocates of one school of thought; great store design can be directly linked or correlate to profitability.

However if the store design says nothing of the product or the target consumer how can anyone expect it to drive sales? We have come across a superb example of a brand where they have created a store design that acts as subtle extension of the actual product. What’s more, this brand is in the health and beauty industry, a notoriously fickle and competitive industry where often we come across store designs that are pretentious and void of any real personality.

This is not the case with Aesop. Aesop have along with their designers, March Studio created a wonderful space whereby the product can stand out on its own away from the pretentiousness and say, “I am awesome and I do not need indulgent graphics to tell you that”. The design of these two stores are about as far removed from the uppity boutiques that we have become accustomed to that you can get.

Yet, does the store design suffer? Is it bland, cold and monotonous? No, quite the opposite, the rustic nature of the store design delivers a much more believable sense that this is a quality product than the aforementioned peers, the subtle design compliments the product, it does not offend it or detract from it, instead acts as a sidekick to it, a platform that pushes only the product upon you and does not detract with any other distractions. This bare bone method of store design is something that we have come to love, it is a bold statement from the designers and from Aesop, the store design tell us that Aesop has 100% confidence that their product can sell itself, can do its job and does not need an over the top, garish or pretentious store design to do it for them.

Ironically with this approach March Studio have created a space that we would call chic, classy and darn right cool, somewhere we want to be seen, somewhere we want to shop, a store that grabs our attention, perhaps the competition to Aesop should stand up and take notice.

Below is the Aesop store in the Parisian concept store Merci designed by March Studio


Below is an example of the Aesop Store designed in Flinders Lane Melbourne by March Studio

Below is a further example of an Aesop Store in Singapore designed by March Studio