Puma City Rocking Container Architecture!

October 29, 2012

This week at Studio EM we are focusing quite a bit on containers, I feel like I have drawn over a 100 of them over the past few days in Auto CAD. It’s all part of one of our new projects that is going to contractor tender this week. I love using containers in projects for many reasons, the main being that they are recycled and sustainable and the second being that they are so adaptable and transferable.

We thought what better way to show that than by demonstrating how awesome they can be by showcasing a project that uses them brilliantly and that is what today’s feature project is all about, a container project that just reeks of awesomeness. Puma City is a retail project from Puma, the entire 11,000 sq ft complex is made up from 24 containers. Designed by LOT-EK Architecture the project is one that can be shipped to any location in the world and can easily be repositioned to a new layout, thus showing the flexibility of using containers in pop up or static commercial architecture and interior design and as mentioned before, best of all it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to other building materials and methods. Check out this wicked project in the images below.