Reinvention The Spar Way!

January 7, 2014

I do love it every now and again when a project comes out that literally causes me to do a double take, designs that are so different and unique to their former templates are quite a rare thing so I definitely think they should be celebrated. With that in mind, when I saw the new Spar Supermarket flagship store in Budapest Hungry I was literally left gob smacked.

Designed by LAB5 Architects the supermarket is as far removed from the traditional insipid and tired old red and white design that we often associated with Spar previously. Instead the design is a fuller, chicer and more sophisticated approach to supermarket design. It certainly is aimed towards a higher end audience and that is very apparent from the design but this supermarket certainly is one that has been created with an aim of firmly pulling itself away from Spar Supermarket design from yesteryear, it is every bit the flagship that it wanted to be.

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