Retail Design In The Fast Lane!

October 3, 2012

There are just some great brands that you automatically associate with awesome design and not just store design but design in general, be it the branding, the product or the packaging design. I can think of quite a few off the top of my head and they would be the same few that most of us would think about, Apple, Samasung, Louis Vuitton, Google, Christian Louboutin, Mercedes and  brands of similar ilk. Today I am adding a new car brand to this category and it’s not just because of their gorgeous cars but now it’s also because of their stunning stores.

Porsche Design Stores are one of the many reasons why Porsche as a brand can be seen as a leader in the design world, much of what we see in the store below based in Singapore is indicative of the cars themselves, elegant, clean, suave, fast and chic. As described by Porsche Design Group below:

With the store in the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall, we’re forging a new path, said Dr. Juergen Gessler, CEO of the Porsche Design Group. We’re not just creating the first Porsche Design Retail Store outside Europe and the USA here, it’s the world’s first store to be developed according to a completely new and totally unique concept. The new shop design emphasises our philosophy of ‘Iconic Style’ and allows customers to experience it first hand. From a sales point of view, we have also reached a milestone: the new concept allows even better use of space and at the same time offers the customers plenty of space to spend time looking around.

The new store in Singapore follows a global concept that will be rolled out to other worldwide Porsche Design Stores from January 2012. The shop design was created in cooperation between the Porsche Design Studio and architects Blocher Blocher Partners, Stuttgart, to ensure that the iconic essence of Porsche Design products is brought to the fore. Its lightness and freshness are striking, emphasising the lifestyle of the luxury brand and making it tangible. Special importance was attached to the subject of sustainability. For instance, all lighting installations use latest generation LED technology – with the result that energy consumption has been reduced by more than 80 percent in comparison to the old concept.

In conjunction with Porsche Design’s new portfolio, the new concept gives particular room to the much extended fashion collection for women and men, which will be presented for the first time in Singapore. It not only includes the men’s collection and ladies’ leather jackets, but ladies’ wear and premium jeans as well. The new store concept offers a separate area for watch displays also, and a lounge area invites customers to spend some time and brings the luxury brand to life through a large LCD screen.

The Porsche is iconic and so is everything that comes with the brand so it is only fitting that the new stores also be designed to reflect this iconic status and in this instance Blocher Blocher Partners have certainly done this. I know the store may look a tad minimal to some but this sexy clean cut look is why I like the shop so much and perhaps why I like the cars too, they are understated yet iconic and what a pleasurable balance that is.