Retail Design That Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin!

October 22, 2012

Today we are talking about fashion and interior design, it’s a common misconception that people think that as interior designers we are a glamorous bunch that are often dressed to the nines, whilst in some cases this may be true, for me it is definitely very far from a reality. As we have so many projects currently onsite I estimate I spend nearly half my week on dirty, rugged and dusty sites doing visits as such the first thing I grab most mornings is my trusty hard wearing jeans.

What do I expect from my jeans? I expect that they are comfortable, hard wearing, can withstand anything a site throws at them, can be dressed up or dressed down and that they retain a sense of ruggedness. As such I have a certain expectation when a denim company opens a new store; my expectation is that the store reflects the product and the uses of that product.  When it comes to jeans I can safely say that so far the Wrangler Stores have not let me down.

Wrangler’s new store in Germany is awesome. It is the embodiment of what I have described above, the industrially rustic nature of the design is the perfect backdrop to the product. Designed by London based studio Checkland Kindleysides, the store has a lot of elements that tickle my design buds. The first thing that hits me is the cool visual merchandising displays, we have seen scaffolding used quite a bit recently in retail design but it will always look better with jeans hanging from them, the random little VM touches such as the jeans on the step or on the old fashioned raised and slightly decayed glass panel all add to the atmosphere and theatre of this space. I am digging the cool paneled wall feature as well as the stripped back changing rooms, these elements all say what Wrangler are all about, hard wearing, no nonsense, comfortable and rugged, exactly what you want from an everyday jean, this store is a wonderful example of brand extension through interior design as well as being a wicked piece of drool worthy interior design.  Check out the images below to see this industrially rustic store in its entirety.