Samsung Get All Sleek And Chic!

August 11, 2013

As I sit here looking at my Samsung Galaxy phone I can help but think how sleek and awesome it is, which is some transformation from a few years ago where you would have heard me saying… “heck no, I’ll always use an iPhone, nothing will ever come close.”. But what I am digging most about the radical transformation of Samsung is that it has been a full 360 degree transformation. It’s not only the phones, tablets and computers that have transformed, their stores have and they are equally as slick and stylish.

Samsung’s latest experience store has opened in Singapore and was designed by award winning international firm OMA.  The store is a tech lovers delight, as explained below by OMA:

OMA’s design for the store echoes Samsung’s vision of integrating high-end technology and real life. In the Samsung Experience Store at VivoCity, mobile devices are not merely products being displayed and sold, but are also virtual platforms, transforming a space for transactions into a venue for social activities. Enhanced by mobile devices and applications, virtual and personalized experiences assimilate with tangible real-life interactions in the shop environment. Beyond passive consumption, customers can decide between salesperson-guided or self-service shopping. Customers are not obliged to make purchase decisions, and are invited to experience the products in different ways.

Smart tables for product display align with the ceiling pattern, generating a generic linear field within the shop; the Samsung Experience Store at VivoCity defies homogeneity through an asymmetrical layout of shop elements and the injection of themed zones. These zones, defined by Soft Scape, offer informal spaces where customers can freely test mobile devices in different scenarios: the IM Convergence zone and the Family/Kids Apps zone provide lively settings for both adults and children to experience the products; the coffee bar and lounge allow customers to tailor-make their own cups of coffee with an App; the A/S zone provides a comfortable space where problems with mobile devices can be diagnosed and fixed; and the Multi-purpose zone, which offers the option of being a private space when the movable partition is closed, is a space for training, promotion, and performance events and product launches. These zones feature different tones of blue to echo Samsung’s iconic brand identity.

The Galaxy Super Wall is a major interaction interface between customers and the store. Made of flip-dot display panels and LFD screens, the wall displays product information and broadcasts product demos, newsfeeds and messages. Movements of customers are recorded, digitalized and projected onto the wall in real time – the ultimate visualization of human interaction with technology. The store also features an Accessory Wall featuring touch latch accessory drawers which form the composing elements of the wall as well as serving as both display windows and storage. Customers are able to browse display products and collect their desired products directly from the drawers.

The Samsung Experience Store at VivoCity is a setting where virtual social activities are integrated with real life, enriching the shopping experience and introducing surprises in human interaction that are not available in the encoded world as defined by keyed-in parameters. The blue tone of the store resembles the blue screen (or Chroma key) on which episodes of life are projected.

For me I just love how clean and precise the store is yet it’s not clinical in the slightest, there are small pockets of colour and hints of softness through the furniture that really take the clinical edge of this space. Like the phone that sits in front of me, this store is sleek, sexy, clean and a dream to use and to interact with, check out the images below to see all of the clever elements mentioned above by OMA come together in this cracker of a store design.

Samsung Store Interior Design

Samsung Store Interior Design 2

Samsung Store Interior Design 3

Samsung Store Interior Design 4

Samsung Store Interior Design 5

Samsung Store Interior Design 6