Say YO To The Transforming Home!

November 19, 2012

Very early on this year we covered an interesting project by Christian Schallert at his home in Barcelona, his apartment was tiny at a mere 280 sq ft but it quickly landed acclaim from designers and architects as being the LEGO house as it seamlessly transformed itself to suit the inhabitants daily needs. This concept has been adapted and evolved into the luxury market by the famous YO! Company.

YO! Recently launched the YO! Home at the 100% Design exhibition in London, created by entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe this evolving luxury home takes the concept of minimal luxury living to a whole new level as you can see in the images and video below. I think the concept is brilliant as I did with Schallert’s apartment however towards the end of the video Woodroffe states that all of us living in apartments in major city centre’s will be living like this in the years to come, I for one hope this is not the case as whilst I appreciate the concept and applaud the ingenuity it is not somewhere I could see myself living as comfort and that homely feeling gives way to stylish aesthetics, polished finishes and quirky gadgetry, however like YO! Sushi and YOTEL I am very sure the the YO! Home will be a great success and from my point of view I think it is awesome to see design principals from Japan being implemented in the western world.

Images Credited to Ashley Bingham.