Semi Al Fresco Organic Dining!

May 23, 2012

As the summer starts to get its feet firmly into the ground in the UAE and we melt as we walk from our cars to the office there is one thing we have to start getting used to in our favorite restaurants and coffee shops that offer al fresco dining and that is being surrounded by a lovely air conditioned enclosure as opposed to being open to the elements the way we are in the winter. Because of this need to keep us cool it is fair to say that a lot of establishments lose their appeal somewhat come the summer.

One project that certainly doesn’t lose its appeal in the summer time is the wonderful, sophisticated and organic restaurant De Kas in the Netherlands. Designed by Piet Boon the space is home to the delicious creations of Chef Gert Jan Hageman, the once tired and run down old municipality nursery is now a stunning theatre of food, fresh produce and semi al fresco experiences. As an ode to its former glory the greenhouse still operates as a functional nursery growing the finest local ingredients for the kitchen.

As an interior design project, De Kas is spectacular, but not for the most obvious reasons, as a designer currently working on an outdoor restaurant project in the UAE I know all too well how difficult it is to create atmosphere and sensation in such a space, especially when you have an 8 meter high ceiling to deal with. Maybe it is because of the open kitchen, the exposed beams, the long sharing tables the surrounding shrubbery and produce or the simplicity of the furniture detailing and finishes, whatever it is I can already hear the clanging of forks, glasses being pinged, excited conversations in the corner and an energetic buzz when I look at the below images as well as smell the fresh herbs and an array of flavors from the open kitchen. It seems a lot of projects we are blogging these days are coming for The Netherlands, this is yet another stunning example of awesome Dutch interior design.

Images Credited to Jet van Fastenhout