Simon Says Get Inspired!

April 16, 2012

Maybe there is something in the water, or maybe the world is tired of boring pizzeria designs or maybe it is sheer coincidence, but whatever the reason is, I sure am glad there has been an explosion in recent times of amazing new pizzeria interior design projects. Just last week we covered three of those projects, Los Sopranos in Barcelona, Dough Pizzeria in Perth and Jamie Oliver’s Union Jacks in London. Today’s feature project deserves its place amongst these projects and could even vie for the right to be the best of the lot.

Beerd in Bristol, England is the latest example of an awesome pizzeria design but Beerd, as the name would suggest, packs a double whammy of a punch as it is also a good old fashioned pub, an old fashioned pub aimed at a new fashioned clientele. Designed by the uber talented and uber funny (on twitter) Simon Jones of Simple Simon Design this is a project that we have been itching to feature for some time. Frequent readers of our blog and tweets will know exactly why this project ticks all of our boxes. Starting of course with one of our favorite features, the infusion of color in the fixtures and finishes, the simple eclectic but vibrant mix of chairs coupled with the gorgeous bar made from reclaimed and recycled wooden doors create a beautiful scene of color and freshness especially against the backdrop of the rustic and industrial environment that is created by the stunning wooden floors and exposed brick finishes that adorn the walls.

With this project I really dig some of the more purposeful features such as the feature wall made from beer mats motifs; this feature wall gives the project a more vintage feel, something that is also achieved through the spattering of the old oak barrels and the rather retro banquettes. As part of the refurbishment Simple Simon Designs stripped out the old space and sandblasted the brick work, thus giving the project a more authentic look and feel, it’s because of going the extra mile and showing this attention to detail that this space is one that really appeals to peers like us, a wonderful project all round and one that certainly deserves to be ranked alongside projects such as Los Sopranos and Union Jacks. Check out a full project description from Simple Simon Design following the pictures.

Images Credited to Frances Taylor