Some Lightheaded Relief!

March 21, 2013

We have done quite a few product reviews on this blog, mostly those reviews involve lighting design or lighting fixtures. We have no real set criteria on what makes a lighting fixture awesome or not, sometimes we just see them and think, “how cool is that?” and today is no exception. Today we simply had to feature the Headlights Series by New York based designer Stephen Shaheen, not for any other reason that they are just so frickin awesome and wonderfully creative. I think these lights would be a real treat in any office design project, they would certainly grab the attention and imagination of passersby. The really cool thing about the funky little headlights is that they are made from recycled materials and are both green and sustainable as well as being wonderfully unique, a perfect example of lighting design marrying with creative art.


Headlights by Stephen Shaheen

Headlights by Stephen Shaheen2

Headlights by Stephen Shaheen4

Headlights by Stephen Shaheen5

Headlights by Stephen Shaheen6

Headlights by Stephen Shaheen7

Headlights by Stephen Shaheen8

Headlights by Stephen Shaheen9