Somewhere I Could See Myself!

August 20, 2013

I’m often asked, what would I do if I didn’t do interior architecture and design for a living or own Studio EM, well for me that’s quite an easy one. I’d definitely still do something creative and could most likely see myself owning my own little boutique flower store. I absolutely love flowers and crafts so the idea of having a little flower shop that sells homemade cards sounds like somewhere I could see myself. Now the only thing is, because first and foremost I am an interior designer it would be the best-designed flower shop ever.

Generally flower shops are quite generic when it comes to design but every now and again I come across one I could see myself working in and today’s feature project is one such store. Flori is a florists based in the Ukraine and was designed by Studio Belenko, the store is ever so cute, simple and understated but the perfect backdrop to the elegant flowers and crafts, the stunning use of wood is also very appealing, it gives the store a real connection with nature beyond just having the flowers, this is definitely the kind of store where people will come and leave with a smile on their face.

Florist Interior Design

Florist Interior Design2

Florist Interior Design3

Florist Interior Design4

Flower Shop Interior Design

Flower Shop Interior Design 3

Flower Shop Interior Design 5

Flower Shop Interior Design 6