Standing Out From The Crowd!

July 24, 2013

For some reason over the past few months we have see a waft of enquiries into our office for kiosk projects, everything from perfumes to jewelry to pancakes, waffles, handbags and even Japanese Anime toys. What we constantly hear from our clients is that they want something to stand out, something unique to the crowd, something that wows. Unfortunately due to mall guidelines and requirements this isn’t always possible as there are some very strict rules with regards to kiosk design in the malls of Dubai.

However, today’s feature project is an awesome example of a kiosk that stands out, is unique and wows. The kiosk is the latest addition to a rapidly growing list of seriously cool projects by the skin care brand Aesop, this latest addition is based in New York and was designed by Tacklebox and for me it’s an absolute knock out that would surely grab the attention of everyone who walks past, check out the images below and see how this kiosk design really puts the product on the perfect pedestal.

Photography Credited to Juliana Sohn 

Aesop Kiosk Design

Kiosk Design

Kiosk Design 2

Kiosk Design3