Starting The Conversation At Base Camp!

May 29, 2012

Don’t you just love it when retail spaces offer so much more than your average retail offering or experience? That is exactly what today’s feature project offers. We have covered BASE stores previously and it gives us immense pleasure to cover them again today as it proves the first project wasn’t a flash in the pan.

The latest store called BASE_ Camp  in Berlin, Germany is so much more than just your average phone store, It is also a café, mobile workstation, interactive zone, event space and training area. The store is primarily aimed at selling tablets and phones, but what the designers, Nest One have done is create a space that allows you enjoy everything these devices offer rather than simply just letting you look at it. There are numerous breakout areas when you can lounge, make use of the free Wi-Fi (I know, what is that, free Wi-Fi, unheard of) and surf the tablets or the phones. There are mobile workstations where customers can come and work, have a coffee, hold a meeting or simply just chill out and research the products in greater depth.

Having a café in this project is also very clever as it ties everything together, being able to have a tea or coffee automatically puts you at ease, relaxes your body and mind and allows the customer to feel more confident about making a decision, they won’t feel rushed, they can research the product on a tablet, chat with their peers and find out which product is best for them. What I also like about this store is the interactivity of the space. The twitter wall shows the daily trends from twitter that day and customers can get in on the conversation, the seminar table allows demonstrations of features and new products for customers… but the real winner in this project is not just customer experience it is the design it’s a very clever, engaging and vibrant design that allows every element of the store to breathe and stand out on its own merit. Check out the awesome images below to see some of the cool features and design elements that we mean.

Here is some more info on the project from the designers:

The BASE_camp is subdivided into various areas, openly designed and fluently merging. Shop space, café and working spaces mix harmoniously. In the back area a combination of bar, lounge and café relates to the different demands of the visitors. Resembling a communicative stopover, the café counter is based on a kiosk. The box becomes an eye catcher.

Furniture with visible electrical connection, compact lockers with space for laptop and writing pad and wireless internet in the entire shop shape a perfect co-working environment. Determinant room element is the analogue twitter-wall: information and inspiration. Trend topics and punch lines of the day taken from twitter are on display and always up-to-date. Classic displays connect the analogue and the digital world. Hence, the BASE_camp is on the cutting edge, obviously.

NEST ONE’s creative concept is marked by a reduced and uncomplicated design: uncommon combinations of materials like wood, linoleum and copper catch the eye and transport by their natural character a feeling of closeness. A clear, comprehensible shape language underlines the casual, inviting atmosphere of the BASE_camp.

The furnishing, e.g. Windsor chairs and Muuto tables, link the retro-chic of Berlin’s café culture to the progressive spirit of mobile communication.