Studio EM Is Expanding…

August 18, 2012

Studio EM is expanding….

We are currently looking to add an awesomely creative and super fresh thinking interior designer to our team. Initially it will be on a short term contract of 4 months to cover our current incoming workload but the contract may be extended or renewed based on performances and new workflow.

What are we looking for?  

A free thinker who loves interior design, understands interior design and has a passion that rivals our own. We want someone who regularly keeps up to date with trends, industry movements and anything cool that is going on in the market by adding design magazines to their daily reading list.

Someone who doesn’t believe in being pigeon holed, by that we mean we don’t want just a retail designer or a restaurant designer or an office designer, we want an all star who can design anything from retail outlets to hotel lobbies to cafes, to car registration centers. We believe at Studio EM that awesome designers can design any project with a bit of guidance even if they have never done one before, after all that is why we are called creative designers.

What Software Do We Use?

Our favorite must have trinity are Sketchup, Photoshop and Autocad, these are the three must haves, plus the usual Microsoft Office bundle (boring but required)

What Will You Be Working On?

Anything, literally anything, we have a wide range of project and who knows what tomorrow holds? We believe in giving designers ownership of their own projects so you will need to be comfortable in working up your own concepts, detailing those concepts and producing production drawings. We are a sociable bunch and we know it is nice to get out of the office every now and again so we encourage you to meet suppliers, put project sample boards together and to pitch your project to the client, after all if it is your project then who best to present it? You will be required to also assist with aspects of our creative director’s projects as well as the usual day to day stuff such as sourcing images, coming up with problem solving ideas, making the tea (we share this one) and generally being a helpful member of the team.


An interior architecture & design degree is a must

Little Extras

A valid driving license would be great. We also ask that you have a sense of humor and know how to have some banter, if we are going to work together for a few months then we need to get on and be able to share a laugh and a giggle, although we do have a serious side too.

Those who want to work for a super duper corporate company that involves wearing pencil skirts; Louboutin’s and dapper suits everyday need not apply. We don’t go for the whole strict corporate approach.

Those who love interior architecture and design and want to join a company that does things a little differently then please apply.


Anything from fresh graduates to seasoned veterans, talent and creativity has no limits!  We will consider applicants from outside the UAE from fresh graduates who are interested in gaining some valuable experience.


Please send your CV / Portfolio and a letter stating why you would rock our socks off to