Sugar, Spice And All Things Nice!

October 25, 2011

Sometimes illusion can be better than reality and sometimes the two of them blend so as to make it difficult to decipher as to which is which. The project we came across today is as close a blend between reality and illusion that we are likely to find in the retail world. Not only that but todays project happened to be a incredibly fun and delicious design that plays on all of our childish desires.

We have seen the crazy the colourful and the imaginative sweet shop store designs before, be it the M&M’s store in Times Square New York or the Candylicious store that is a little closer to home in The Dubai Mall. Red Design Group has created a different type of design for their latest project for Australian based retailer Sweet Enough. Sweet Enough are importers and distributors of sugar free and gluten free sweets, chocolates and candy’s, they have now ventured into the direct retail market with their new brand “The Candy Room”.

From the pictures below you can see that the designers over at Red Design Group have created a very quirky and abstract space using the 2D graphic world as the centrepiece of their concept. The use of the black and white minimal units is such a clever idea in this type of store as it gives pride of place to the product, the main colour and personality of this store comes from the product, the design acts almost as an amplifier to the goodies such as the sweets and the lollies.

Favourite elements for us in this humorous design has to be the obvious 2D setting or backdrop, the continuation of the theme with the stunning lighting fixtures, this is often an element of retail design that gets over looked, so from our perspective we love how the designers have thought about every element of the store when coming up with the 2D theme.  The funny and almost edgy graphics that were also designed by Red Design Group give this project a real comedic and charismatic personality of its own. One thing that this project really has going for it is its versatility, the graphics and the store layout can easily be changed, updated or repositioned for different events, seasons or for a fresh injection of design.

This is really awesome project and a great job by the designers and Sweet Enough.