Sweet Brand Translation!

January 30, 2012

In the words of a famous member of the A Team, “I love it when a plan comes together”. In our industry I paraphrase this notion slightly and say “I love it when a brand identity and a design come together” and that is exactly what we get with today’s feature. Design agency Savvy Studio who are based in Mexico have devised an awesome new identity and interior design for the pastry boutique Ciccolato.

The cake specialists Ciccolato who design custom pastries, cakes and all yummy sweet things for events and private parties have recently opened their new store and it is as delicious as the cakes they have on offer. The visually vibrant and playful branding concept created by Savvy Studio has transferred wonderfully onto the retail landscape. The simple but playful design with the oozing chocolate and runny icing on the tables tantalizes both our taste buds and our eyes. The Ciccolato store is a whole lot of fun but more than that it is a whole lot of great design and brand integration. The stunning imagery and photographs below tell a much better story than my words could ever do, but before you check out the images may I recommend that you grab a tissue as you may indeed be salivating at the site of some the decadent and scrummy treats (I know I was).

Photography & Awesome Design Credited To Savvy Studio