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Today is an awesome day for Studio EM as our rockstar interior designer Nicola has just been named as one of the top emerging interior designers in the Middle East and well as one to watch out for in 2014. Now, we always knew she was awesome which is why we hired her now we […]Continue Reading


Today’s feature project should hopefully be a real winner for cycling enthusiasts, but not just cycling enthusiasts, hopefully those of you who love salvaged and recycled design inspirtation enjoy the Vintage Bicycle Bar as much as we do. Based in Bucharest, Romania the bar is a wonderful example of a project where sculptural art meets […]Continue Reading


Recently we have been doing a lot of research into creating a pop up concept for the winter using shipping crates. With the amount of import / export and construction going on in Dubai, shipping pallets or crates are in plentiful supply, during our research we came across today’s awesome sustainable and eco friendly feature […]Continue Reading


For some reason over the past few months we have see a waft of enquiries into our office for kiosk projects, everything from perfumes to jewelry to pancakes, waffles, handbags and even Japanese Anime toys. What we constantly hear from our clients is that they want something to stand out, something unique to the crowd, […]Continue Reading


I do love a bit of eclectic rusticity especially when it comes about having used reclaimed and recycled materials in the creation of it in a project. Today’s feature project has eclectic rusticity by the bucket full and I think it is fantastic. The project is called the Bon Restaurant and is based in Bucharest, […]Continue Reading


When it comes to office design and office fitout, it is fair to say that not all of us are blessed enough to have exactly what we want when it comes to finding a canvas to paint. Conditions such as budget, location and availability are all things that need to be considered, with that in […]Continue Reading


This year has been another wonderful year for our blog, as it continues to grow in popularity we want to thank all of our readers for their clicks, likes, comments and sharing, it is greatly appreciated. As the year is drawing to an end we thought it the best time to publish our annual list […]Continue Reading


As Christmas is only around the corner I thought I would drop a massive hint as to what I want this year… I would love my own special place, my own den where I can lock everyone out just every now and again so I could get on with my madness. Today’s project is an […]Continue Reading


Finishing up our top trends to watch out for in 2013 we are going to put our hat on a trend that will continue from 2012, the use of practically anything as furniture in commercial projects, yup we are talking about recycled, reclaimed and vintage furniture. 2012 was the year when many interior design projects […]Continue Reading


I am currently writing this blog post from cloud 9, why am I on cloud 9 you may ask? It has something to do with some of the best news I received in quite a while. Commercial Interior Design Magazine, the leading interior design magazine in the Middle East and a foremost expert in all […]Continue Reading