The 10 Best From Studio EM In 2011!

As 2011 nears its end we thought what better way that to recap our top ten read posts of the year on the Studio EM Blog. We have had a tremendous amount of support in our first 6 months as a company from many friends, readers, clients and we want to thank you all as well as wish you all a wonderful, happy and prosperous 2012. Thank you for everything in 2012 and we hope you enjoy the recap.


10. The Genius Of Steve Jobs

Our article on 6th October where we highlighted some of the genius of Steve Jobs and Apple, detailing the Stores, The Phones, The Music, The Tablets, The Computers, The Brand and The Man.

9. Ushering Pharmacy Design Into The 21st Century

An article from 23rd August where we look at new trends in pharmacy design and two projects by Karim Rashid and KLab Architects where they have broken the mould and designed two stunning projects that veer away from the traditional monotone pharmacy design that we have become so accustomed to.

8. Have You Got Your Mojo On?

One of our favorite projects we have ever had the pleasure of covering, on the 25th July we toured around Mojo’s Headquarters in Dubai, an awesome design hub that is both an office and an art gallery as well as being a place of awesomeness filled with some of the finest people you will ever meet in the Design and PR Industry. A great office design done by the themselves that has set the trend for many of the surrounding warehouse conversions in Al Quoz.

7.  Cine Chic? 

At number 7 is our rather tongue in cheek look at the Multikino Cinema project in Poland, designed by Robert Majkut. The project grabbed our attention as we are cinema designers who love a bit of difference and this project delivers a great deal of difference compared to your local box office.

6. Choose Your Topping, 5 Cool Frozen Yogurt Store Designs! 

As the Dubai summer heat began to fade in October this year we decided to list 5 of our favorite Frozen Yoghurt Store Designs from around the globe, each one bringing its own unique character and explosion of color and design to the plate.

5. The Joys Of Corian

A somewhat surprising entry when we were compiling the data for our list was this entry exploring the uses of Corian as one of our preferred material in Interior Architecture and Design.

4. Once You Pop You Can’t Stop

One of our most enjoyable blog posts came from June this year when we listed 11 of the Top Pop Up concepts that caught our attention as being great examples of pop up architecture and interior design.

3. 10 Projects Spearheading The Industrially Rustic Movement!

Another one of our list entries that is on our list (nearly a tongue twister) was this post about 10 projects that we felt highlighted what we have termed the “industrially rustic” design movement, industrially rustic is a phrase we have been harping on about on twitter so we felt it was time enough in September of this year that we do a post that shows you exactly what it was we meant.

2. Jones The Grocer Opens In Dubai

Coming in at number 2 only 23 views behind our number 1 was our article on the opening of Jones The Grocer in Dubai last July.

1. Mapping The World Of Architecture And Interior Design

Our number 1 most viewed blog post of 2011 was our September feature on the Architect Map or rather the #ArchitectMap co-created by Studio EM favorite  Mark Schuman and Su Butcher, it proved to be an overnight sensation in the world of Social Media and continues to gather great momentum throughout the world adding more and more architects and interior designers globally.

There you go folks, our top 10 posts of the year 2011, once more thank you all for your amazing support this year and for reading our blog.

Happy New Year to you all.

Emma 🙂