The Cafe Where Awesome Interior Design Met Cool Graphic Design!

February 2, 2012

This week’s Thursday fun project is not only a project that encapsulates great interior design it also has a bonus of being an example of awesome graphic design and integration. The Cielito Querido Cafe based in Mexico is all about great graphics, playful colors; great coffee’s and a wicked interior design. Design Studio Esrawe ( of Tori-Tori fame) have created a vibrant and funky interior that has all of us in the office just that wee bit jealous that it is not our doorstep in Dubai.

We simply love the range of colors this café has to offer as well as the multiple different types of typography used on the walls, the blackboard and anywhere else that a graphic can be squeezed. The stunning pieces of furniture used are not your usual boring wooden stools and shelves, no this café has an eclectic mix of colored, patterned, retro, contemporary, soft, hard, high and low seating, shelving and tables just check out the images below to see what we mean and see why this project is so well liked at EMquarters, go on I dare you not to like it.

Photography Credited to Esrawe and Jaime Navarro