The Cardboard Bank!

February 28, 2012

We have covered a couple of projects in the past that are shining examples of great interiors inspired by cardboard, there was the Nothing Office and also the Naver App Store, but today we are looking at a project that takes this use of cardboard in interior design to another level. Designed by Sander Architecten the new conference rooms at the Rabobank Headquarters in the Netherlands are something truly spectacular to behold.

From the images below it is hard to imagine that the cylindrical conference room structures are made out of a blend of cardboard and Japanese translucent paper but the result are quite amazing. For us this project and the others that we covered are not only great examples of innovative interior design but more importantly, they are shining lights at showing what can be achieved by using this cost effective and readily available material. For us this holds great significance in that it is something that designers such as ourselves should explore further to see how we can help with more social and humanitarian projects, perhaps in war torn zones, areas of extreme poverty or in areas of the world were structures like this would make a huge difference. This project is incredibly awesome and I don’t want to detract too much from it but isn’t this project more than just great interior design? Is it an example of how we can move forward and make a difference with this ingenuity?

Photography Credited to Alexander Van Berge.

Below is a video we found on the project from the designers, unfortunately it is in Dutch but it still gives you a great look at behind the scenes.