The Continued Rise Of The Man Shop!

October 6, 2013

A few months back we wrote a number of entries in this blog about the rise of the “man shop” in retail design. Traditionally the “man shop” concept was suited to only the finest tailors in Mayfair or Savile Row of London or similar areas in the world’s most prominent cities however we for one love the fact that many retailers across the world are giving life to a mainstream man shop. Today’s feature project is one such store, based in Toronto, Canada, B.Spoke is a premium man shop that appeals to those who have a love for refined tailoring and sophisticated attire.

Designed by GH+A the looks and feels like a gentleman’s club, the design is masculine yet polished but not overly trite or alpha male heavy. It has a lovely balance to it, the dark woods, the subtle slightly feminine lighting and the perfectly placed and laid out visual merchandising give this store a reassuring sense of calm and with that a certain sense of modern coolness. All in all this is an awesome man store concept and one the really should appeal to many of the modern professional men out there. Check out the images below and enjoy!

B.Spoke Interior Design, Toronto

B.Spoke Interior Design, Toronto 2

B.Spoke Interior Design, Toronto 3

B.Spoke Interior Design, Toronto 4

B.Spoke Interior Design, Toronto 5

B.Spoke Interior Design, Toronto 7