The Darker Side Of Sweetness!

February 29, 2012

We have seen a number of new and cool bakery and pastry store designs hit the interior design blogs of the world in the past few months. That said today’s feature project has to be one of our favorites, perhaps it’s because of its more sinister appearance or the darker color palette that creates so much difference, either of these could be responsible for our digging of the Sweet Alchemy patisserie in Athens, Greece.

Designed by Kois Associated Architects for arguably one of the best patisseries’ in Greece,  Stelios Parliaros this patisserie the epitome of what one would associate with alchemy.  The practice of Alchemy has always been associated with the ark arts and mystery, this concept has both of those elements running through it as described in great detail by the Architects:

Alchemy a notion associated with darkness mystery and mysticism practiced in laboratories full of peculiar enigmatic devices, rare distils crystals and potions. These images were the starting point for the development of a central idea, the recreation of this atmosphere in a contemporary outtake.

The space is characterized by the high degree of transparency which was manipulated in order to diffuse the light and filter the optic penetration. The role of light was highly regarded and thoroughly studied since the beginning in order to create a unique solution for the particular location and user. Light and shadow change throughout the day giving the space a unique atmosphere every moment. Serenity is followed by tension and drama.

The punctured bronze skin of the main facades creates the impression of the chamber of treasures, of the golden cage which encloses the precious, the rare commodity, the sin of the pleasure of the forbidden fruit.

The philosophy behind the choice of materials was in tune with the philosophy of our client. Selection of the raw materials and no substitutes, Iron, bronze, copper and wood were selected for their natural characteristics and were only processed but not altered in order emulate an appearance.

Our purpose was not the stenographic representation of a mystic environment but the formulation of the spirit of the place, the ‘genius loci’, the atmosphere that will saturate the space and will transform it to a true place with its very own distinctive character. The sense of mythical, the mysterious discovery and the transition to an other reality were the characteristics of the ‘Sweet Alchemy’ of Mr. Parliaros and those we wanted to transfuse to the new store.

A thoroughly comprehensive and awesome project description, now just check out these wicked photos and see why we really like this project, it is just so different to all the cutesy, nice, and polished patisseries we have been seeing recently, you all know how much we love difference.

Photography Credited to Kois Associated Architects.