The Design Ideas Of Mad Men!

October 4, 2012

It’s been another busy week at EMquarters this week with so many projects now onsite and coming to an end as well as a few new projects having also come in and needing worked up. One such project brief really stood out this week from one of our clients, we were asked to come up with a concept that looks like a mashup between Mad Men and Andy Warhol, an interesting brief to say the least. As it is Thursday and we have worked so hard all week we thought we would kick back and relax a bit today and start by putting this brief into motion, as such we thought today’s project post should be a nod to the interior design of the popular tv show Mad Men. So, here it is, below are some images we have gathered up during the week of some of the cool interiors from the show and other interiors it has inspired. We hope you enjoy your trip back to the swinging 60’s.

Don Draper’s Apartment

The Office