An Enlightened Bistro!

February 16, 2012

I often tell my clients that the most important element in most interior architecture and design projects is lighting design. Poor lighting can make the best design in the world look ordinary or bad, great lighting can have the opposite effect, great lighting can transform a flat project design into a full bodied design. The best thing about this is that the world is starting to take notice of the importance of lighting in a project and we are seeing more attention to detail than ever before, because of this, lighting designers are working even harder and are creating such awe inspiring lighting designs for projects around the globe.

Today’s feature project is a stunning bistro design; it is just one of the most exquisite and eclectic designs I have seen for a while. We came across today’s project when we were searching for banquettes for a restaurant we are working on currently, and perhaps that is where I will start in describing why I am such a big fan of Café Kafka. Designed by Yolanda Vilalta and Helena Jauma, the environment is one that screams of chic sophistication. Those deep dark velvet banquette seats coupled with the individual chair designs are a real focal point of this bistros floor area. But as you would imagine from the opening of this post the real focus for us is the lighting design.

The lighting  adds an extra dimension to the design,  just have a look at the images below, now try and picture this project without those lighting fixtures, especially around the bar area, whilst it will still be an attractive bistro it wouldn’t have the same depth of character that it currently. For us the lighting is so important in this project as it highlights the elegant mix of colors and textures on show. The warmth of these fixtures, fittings and lighting designs give this bistro great comfort and coziness that may not have been achieved had the lighting been neglected.

The following is a rough (I mean a very rough translated) description of the project taken from Café Kafka’s website

We were able to create an atmosphere that traps the creativity and beauty, respecting the original structure of a historical space. With warm recycled materials and multi-colored lamps that hang over the room, we have recreated a warm atmosphere, halfway between an eccentric household, a literary cafe and bistro that you would find in Saint Germaine. On the walls, the shelves offer classic books. The soft velvet is the fabric of seats: dark red sofas walk the perimeter of the room and face vintage chairs upholstered in ocher and green bardesorden.

Images Credited to Café Kafka

We first came across this project on the awesome Yatzer!