The Genius Of Steve Jobs!

October 6, 2011

Today is a very sad day for designers from all walks of life with the passing of Steve Jobs. The sad news has brought about heartening tributes from around the world, we at Studio EM feel it only fitting to pay our own tribute in this post to Steve Jobs was with a few pictures of some of the most famous pieces of design we will ever see.

As I write this on my MacBook Pro and will no doubt tweet later on an iPhone I have to admit I have often took it for granted as to how much Apple and Steve Jobs have indirectly impacted our daily lives with technology, Steve Jobs and Apple have made the world for designers such as us a much better place.

The Apple Stores

In terms of retail design and popularity amongst designers there are few stores in the world as loved and adored as the Apple stores. From a store designers perspective to work on projects as iconic as these.

The Computers

Are there any computer out there as iconic or as revered as the Mac? From humble beginnings to an unparalleled awesomeness:

The Phones

The iPhone not only is a beautiful piece of kit it has also made the lives of so many of us all that more easier, be it managing our businesses on them or sharing content with loved ones all over the world.

The Music

I have lost count how many of these amazing music players I have had and used whilst doodling away at my drawing board, the iPod Shuffle deserves a lot of credit for getting me through many late nights during my final year at university.

The Tablet

Who else when they saw the first advert for the iPad simply said, “I want it”? we certainly did, sleek and sexy and a great tool to show our company profile on as well as showing presentations to clients.



The Brand

We would be hard pushed to ever find another brand so synonymous with quality design such as the Apple Brand.

The Man

All of these great creations and wonderful pieces of design were only possible because of one great man and his vision.

A visionary, a creative genius and an innovator.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works – Steve Jobs 2003