The Best Kind Of Research!

February 6, 2012

Call me a sucker but there is just something about melted chocolate on the walls that makes me weak kneed. This delicious and tantalizing design feature is something we first came across in the Godiva store project that we blogged last year but now our pallets salivate at another design by branding and interiors studio Asylum. The Singapore based designers have worked closely with the Chocolate Research Facility to create their new store and branding concept in Singapore.

We first came across Asylum when we blogged their awesome Salad Shop concept in which they designed the restaurant and the branding, it has been great to see some more of their branding and interior design work on The Chocolate Research Facility. This project is as equally as awesome as The Salad Shop and is one that got us all talking.  The concept is that this is “thee” store for chocolate lovers, the store to come to if you want to make your own chocolates, with your own packaging and flavoring, in essence this truly is a Chocolate Research Facility.

We love the clean cut nature of this design as well as the fun approach shown to chocolate through the melting wall feature, for us this is a design that could have ended up looking whacky and zany like something out of a Roald Dahl novel but the restraint shown by the designers and the simplicity of the design is a real winner for us, the clue was in the name, a research facility and this project says “fun science and creation” way more than it says “crazy chocolate factory” and we dig that.  For ultimate lovers of great graphic and branding design please jump over to The Chocolate Research Facility’s website (also created by Asylum) for a real treat in wicked web design.

The following is a project description taken from Asylum’s website:

Consider it a world’s first: Chocolate bars offered in 100 different flavours. Conceptualized by a serious chocolate lover, this new brand and concept boutique-cum-cafe draws focus to chocolates – both in taste and packaging. The brand is serious on one side and playful on the other; packaging features polka dots for fruits, pixels for dried fruits, animal skins for the exotic series, fabric patterns for coffee and tea etc. All other collaterals plays off the obsessive nature chocolate can induce.

Images Credited to Asylum