The House That Christian Built!

January 8, 2012

During the boom years in Dubai before the recession we were all used to paying a high price for small spaces when looking to rent homes or offices. This is something that can be said of any large cosmopolitan city, for instance one only needs to troll through the net or Youtube to find example of tiny apartments in Manhattan or in Hong Kong.

Today’s blog post is looking at a project created by Christian Schallert at his home in Barcelona, his 258sq ft apartment maybe seen to be large compared to some of the spaces in Manhattan or Tokyo but for the average city 258sq ft is not a lot of space, in fact it is tiny. To combat the lack of space Christian has created what can only be described as a transforming or Lego house. Many online blogs refer to it in this way as everything you would expect in a normal apartment is concealed behind hidden doors and entries. I don’t want to go into too much detail as it will spoil the video below, but if you have the time then this video is so worth watching. Christian has created a sensational apartment that can be adapted and manipulated to suit the owners needs, however I doubt I will be looking to ever recreate this concept for myself but it is fascinating to see how others make use of the space they have.