The Latest Design Offering From Adidas!

February 24, 2013

As an interior architect and designer I often get asked what my favorite brands are in terms of store design or restaurant design, I never quite give a definitive answer as I don’t have a specific favorite brand per se, what I do say though is that I love brands that mix it up a bit, brands that go against the grain, brands that keep it fresh, keep it current and move with the times.

One such brand is Adidas, over the past couple of years Adidas have been rocking the retail scene from their wicked Originals Store to their pop up stores to their offices and everything else in between. Not ones for resting on their laurels Adidas have come up with a new concept, to combine retail space with creative exhibition space with their new concept, that concept is called the No.42 Store, as described below by Adidas on their site:

Located on 42 Rue de Sevigne in the Marais district, No42 Paris is a pioneer within the French capital’s fashion scene, aiming to define progressive sportswear and athletic fashion in Paris.

No42 continues to develop and explore a unique global adidas brand concept, established by long standing counterparts No74 Berlin and No6 London, reinterpreting not only the form and function of retail stores, but also their content and relationship to the community around it

By combining retail- and an adjoining exhibition space under one roof, No42 provides a public and private platform for the Parisian fashion and arts scene that is an authentic representative of the community. Exhibitions and special events held in collaboration with international and local partners make No42 a prominent location for exclusive adidas collections as well as relevant local and global cultural dialogue in Paris.

The store features an exclusive selection of footwear, apparel and accessories from celebrated adidas brands Y-3, adidas SLVR, adidas Originals and adidas Performance.

Also featured in the stores are adidas design collaborations with Stella McCartney, Jeremy Scott and Opening Ceremony, as well as the adidas Consortium footwear collections, designed in partnership with leading fashion- and sneaker shops world-wide.

No.42 was designed by ether a.c. and they have done a wicked job in setting up this cool urban space and laying it out to be so adaptable and giving it that underground street feel. Projects like this by brands as progressive as Adidas is what inspires me and makes me count Adidas as one of my favorite brands when it comes to store design, purely because of their innovation and desire to move forward and do that little bit more. Check out the images below and see how this space differs so much from previous Adidas spaces we have featured, showing why they are a brand you should always watch out for in the world of interior architecture and design.

Images Credited to ether a.c.

Adidas No.42 Interior Design by ether a.c.4

Adidas No.42 Interior Design by ether a.c.

Adidas No.42 Interior Design by ether a.c.2

Adidas No.42 Interior Design by ether a.c.3

Adidas No.42 Interior Design by ether a.c.6

Adidas No.42 Interior Design by ether a.c.7

Adidas No.42 Interior Design by ether a.c.5