The Latest Offering Of Design Awesomeness From Google!

August 15, 2012

It seems that nearly every quarter or every third of a year Google unleash another of their awesome offices on us. True to form Google have unveiled their latest wicked offering of office design treats with their new Google Super HQ in the famous Covent Garden District of London. The latest office has once more been designed by award winning London based agency Penson who were responsible for our most recent feature involving Google Engineers offices.

The new project is as equally cool as those that have come before but perhaps so far I would count this project as my favorite. The 160,000 sq ft space is filled with eclectic charm that really makes me feel like I am at home and what a way to feel when you are at work, the design is quintessentially British which given how proud we are all feeling after the Olympics I have to say is probably one of the main reasons why I lean towards this project as being my favorite Google office yet. As always with a design from Penson and Goolge there are a million and one elements that I could talk about but this time I am going to let the pictures from Penson do the talking for me.