The Magic Tea Box!

July 5, 2012

Its Thursday afternoon and we are gearing up for the weekend, a sense of calm is starting to fall over the office, the tea is brewed and it is time for the Thursday funky fresh and vibrant project feature. This week it comes all the way from Sao Paulo in Brazil, it is a project that covers two of our favorite things, awesome design and Tea.

The Gourmet Tea kiosk designed by Alan Chu is the latest project form The Gourmet Tea brand and like the one we featured last year it too is a cool piece of colorful design that maximizes the use of such a small space. I love the funky colorful façade, for a kiosk this is quite inspiring and matches perfectly to the other Gourmet Tea outlets, a quality piece of brand extension. What I also really dig is the fact that the unit blends effortlessly into the surroundings almost like a hoarding; you would never think that something so awesome could be behind this façade. The Gourmet Tea Kiosk is a very cool and funky project that is well deserving of out Thursday feature spot.

Images Credited To Djan Chu